St. John's Hospital Realizes Significant Cost and Care Improvements

St. John's Hospital

Updates embossed patient ID to LaserBand ® products

As the largest and most complex hospital in the 13 facility Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS), St. John's is often the first in the system to test and implement the latest medical techniques and patient care advancements. Transitioning from multi-step, single-functioning embosser identification to LaserBand's streamlined products was the direct result of St. John's dedication to evaluating and applying logical patient care improvements for progression throughout the entire system.

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The Story

The Challenge

St. John's Hospital recognised the limitations of embossed ID wristbands. To further advance system-wide patient care, a collaborative team from St. John's admissions, purchasing, nursing, medical records, and HIS departments identified deficiencies in their current patient  identification, breaking these down into two categories—equipment and  the actual wristbands.


  • Each registration point required a separate set of equipment and supplies
  • The equipment supported limited flexibility and single functionality
  • The embosser/imprinter took up valuable counter/work space
  • The machine, consumables and service plans were all costly


  • Imaged information was limited and often unclear, resulting in patient ID errors/mistakes
  • The wristband construction was a cumbersome, multistep process
  • Chart labels required separate printing from the wristband


St. John's decision-making team discovered that LaserBand products addressed the limitations of their embosser ID with some significant upgrades in the key evaluation categories.


  • The multi-functional laser printer enabled significant workflow and patient-safety advantages by using the same method to generate all admission documentation
  • Condensing to one printer saved valuable work space
  • No special/expensive equipment, printer parts, or maintenance were required


  • The image area allowed for flexibility in the type, quantity, and layout of patient information
  • The patented self-laminating design protects printed information and provided simple assembly
  • The all-in-one product features like labels, security seals, wristband extenders, etc. could help to streamline the identification process

We found that switching to LaserBand ID products resulted in benefits that extended beyond process and material improvements - it equated to a considerable cost savings of nearly $30,000.

Ellen Kuntzi, Manager of Access Services,
St. John's


After evaluating the LaserBand solution, the team at St. John's Hospital was impressed with the results. According to Ellen Kuntzi, Manager of Access Services for St. John's Hospital, "When doing further analysis of the embosser patient identification, we found that switching to LaserBand ID products resulted in benefits that extended beyond process and material equated to a considerable cost savings of nearly $30,000."

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