Voice Readiness Assessment

With Voice Readiness Assessments, we’ll work together to determine if your current wired and wireless network can support your planned voice deployment. This includes reviewing your existing network infrastructure and policies against the requirement for your voice devices. We’ll also examine your physical and logical network architectures, and operational processes. Once the assessment is complete, you'll receive a final report that details our findings, identifies any gaps and provides specific suggestions on how to rectify them.




Evaluates LAN and WLAN support 
Determines if your LANs or WANs can support new voice services along side existing data applications

Confirms IP LAN AND WLAN performance 
Evaluates the availability, performance, manageability, interoperability and capacity of your IP LAN and/or WAN for voice services

Highlights gaps and outlines next steps 
Identifies any gaps for a high-performing voice network and helps decide how to best close them




1. Voice Assessment Request Form 
Prior to scheduling an on-site visit, Zebra will review a Voice Assessment Request Form with the customer to help define the nature of the survey environment (network diagram, physical site layout, WLAN/LAN/WAN infrastructure) and enable Zebra to allocate resources and complete preparations in advance of performing a Voice Assessment.

2. Zebra Project Manager 
Zebra will assign a Project Manager to act as the customer's point of contact. The Zebra Project Manager will coordinate assessment activities with the customer and be responsible for overall completion of the project and deliverables. In addition, the Zebra Project Manager will define the total number of days, including days on site, required to complete the assessment.

3. WLAN, LAN, and End-to-End Assessment 
The Voice Assessment is executed in two phases: Assessment and Validation. The Assessment Phase will benchmark the existing customer network’s voice readiness and provide corrective actions necessary to support voice services. The Validation Phase will cover a final assessment of the network’s voice readiness after all corrective actions have been implemented and provide any fine tuning needed to optimise the voice experience. Zebra will provide an assessor on site at the customer facility, for each of the two phases, to perform all network Voice Assessment tasks for a total of one (1) or more days, depending on the size and complexity of the facility.

4. Findings Report 
Zebra will deliver a Findings Report after both the Assessment and Validation phases. The Assessment Findings Report will include a WLAN Predictive Survey if deploying a new WLAN or a WLAN Site Survey if building out an existing WLAN for voice. The Assessment Findings report will also include a Bill of Materials (BOM) for recommended new equipment (if applicable) and any corrective actions necessary to address network configuration or voice performance issues. The Validation Findings Report will include a WLAN Site Survey and an end-to-end voice performance characteristics analysis with recommendations for final fine tuning needed to optimise the networks voice experience.

5. Staging Voice Devices 
Zebra will stage up to 10 MC40 devices with either the Zebra Enterprise Direct SIP client or Cisco Jabber client.

6. Acceptance Test Plan 
Zebra will execute an ATP with the customer to validate the wired and wireless networks ability to support voice services.

7. Voice Assessment Increment 
Zebra will provide both a small (less than 10 network elements and less than 200k sq. ft.) and large (less than 25 network elements and less than 500k sq. ft.) single-site and multi-site voice assessment options. Zebra can provide a custom quote to accommodate larger sites or facilities.