Operational Benchmarking and Mobility Assessments

Learn how your mobility solution can be customised specifically to your organisation's day-to-day operations.

Our Operational Benchmarking and Mobility Assessments service helps you rapidly analyze complex issues such as determining the right technology solutions and business network architecture that best fit the needs of your organisation.

It incorporates some of the best practices of Six Sigma and the DMAIC tool kit used to apply those principles. This service uses simple yet highly effective tools, templates and models to help you make effective business and operational decisions.




Personalized to your specific organizational situation 
A single or multi-day workshop, on your site or ours, facilitated by our experienced training consultants, industry experts and solution architects.

Deep-dive understanding of your processes and procedures 
Observational research and on-site interviews with various internal customer roles focus on understanding procedures, day-in-the-life experiences, needs, and issues to help us identify mobility solutions that will improve efficiency, reduce cost and develop a plan to ensure the success of your mobility solution.

Identify the right path 
Understand the optimal method to monetize innovation

Validate plan 
Confirm the efficiency initiatives for complex value propositions

Project cost 
Analyze the technical and cost implications of the solution

Define business plan

  • Create a closely aligned mobility strategy based on a reference business model
  • Create a go-to-market strategy including identifying strategic partnerships
  • Develop a reference programme and organisation optimization model
  • Increase the potential for success


Improving the clarity of business and technical implications enables you to raise the level of potential success through a significant decrease in start-up costs as well as an accelerated time to market.