On-site Field Services

We're On Site Within Hours to Diagnose and Restore Systems

With a single phone call, a trained and qualified local technician comes to your location to diagnose and restore your network. Working closely with Zebra's System Support Center (SSC) and Network Operations Center (NOC), the field technician will also provide routine maintenance while restoring your system. Included with this service is technician dispatch.

Professional dispatch agents take your call, open a case to track, triage it to the appropriate response team and monitor technician site arrival, response and restore time to ensure compliance with your contracted terms.



Features & Benefits

Vital component of network performance
Zebra-authorised technicians arrive at your location equipped and ready to keep your system operating at peak performance

Quick on-site response
Choose the level of response that fits the needs of your organisation, whether you want 8x5 or 24x7 availability and 4-hour response or 2-hour response

Response and restoration
Once on site, your local technician will perform network diagnostics, remove malfunctioning components, re-install new or reconditioned components and get your network back up and running in record time

Reduces ongoing resource costs
Less capital required to purchase test equipment, hire additional technicians and keep them current with your technology

You also get Dispatch, which enables you to get the process rolling with one phone call – case and escalation management ensure that response times are met and activity reports are generated so you can keep track of system activity

A technician near you
Local presence is assured with more than 900 Zebra-authorised service locations in North America, and all service centre technicians have access to Zebra in-house engineers and network design teams as an additional level of support for more complex network issues

More than 2,300 customers
Customers around the country have entrusted network support to Zebra On-Site Field Services to keep their systems performing at peak performance