Fulfillment Centre

A Zebra-Powered fulfilment centre Keeps Your E‑commerce Business Running Smoothly

In an e-commerce fulfilment centre, keeping your operations up and running is mission-critical. The high-velocity, seasonal nature of e-commerce demands solutions that ensure a well-connected view of all your assets, people and processes at all times. This is crucial to an intergrated, productive and profitable supply chain. Zebra’s mobile computing, scanning and printing solutions connect the fulfilment centre and each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realise transformational gains.

fulfilment centre Solutions

Inventory and Materials Management

Know the current status and location of all assets for greater productivity and cycle count efficiency.

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Increase visibility with suppliers, reconcile packing slips, and quickly sort inbound materials for put-away.

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Multi-modal and Voice-directed Picking

Streamline the picking process to increase accuracy and productivity with multi-modal and voice-directed technology.

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Packing and Staging

Give your workers a hands-free environment to keep eyes on their task and the line moving.

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Staff Communications

Provide your workforce with reliable, rugged voice and data communication devices that increase productivity and promote safe and efficient workflows.

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TC8300 scanning a barcode

TC8300 Touch Computer

The Revolutionary Enterprise Touch Computer with the Ultimate Android Platform

The ‘Go-Everywhere’ Single-Finger Featherweight and Rugged Ring Scanner

The next generation in wireless ring scanner design, ergonomics, ruggedness, performance and versatility, ready to boost workforce productivity with hands-free scanning.

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