Workflow Efficiency

The Cure for Complicated Workflows

Distractions, alarm fatigue and workflow interruptions can interfere with the focus on patient care. Zebra's clinical mobility solutions streamline workflows by consolidating disparate work tools into a single system.  This reduces unnecessary interruptions by establishing work order and employee group messaging rules.

Ensure Secure Messaging

Zebra devices enable quick and secure communication among staff members, eliminating the need for nurses to use personal smartphones that may cause security concerns for hospitals.

Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Alarm fatigue affects productivity, job satisfaction and patient safety. Our solution centralises and prioritises alarms from multiple medical devices, reducing stress on nurses and staff.

Improve Clinical Workflows

Streamline complicated clinical workflows by enabling nurses to access information and contact colleagues from the patient's side, allowing staff to get more done in less time.

mobile computer in use by healthcare provider

Right Patient, Right Medication Every Time

Can you tell which medication the patient needs next? Access the most up-to-date patient records by the patient's bedside, every time.

woman in hospital getting scanned by a mobile computer

Day in the Life: Healthcare

Zebra for Android devices provide the visibility you need to enhance patient safety, improve operational efficiency and optimise your IT investment.

Why Clinical Mobility Transforms Healthcare

Elevate the quality of patient care with strategic digital technology investments and discover the transformative power of clinical mobility.

zebra mobile computer scanning a patient wristband barcode

Dutch Hospital Group Success Story

The hospital group wanted an efficient, safe way of moving patients around its hospitals. The solution had to be a multifunctional tool which could be adapted to patients, goods transport, cleaning through to inventory management, all on one type of scanner.

patient in hospital getting scanned by a mobile computer

Efficient Patient Care

Zebra for Android equips healthcare professionals with an easy-to-use interface and devices that are toughened and protected against the routine hazards of hospital life.

The Anatomy of Zebra Mobile Computers

Mobility DNA is the genetic code that gives Zebra mobile computers distinct enterprise capabilities.

Build Your Workflow Efficiency Solution


From consolidated mobile computing solutions to scanners, tablets and mobile printers, only Zebra gives you the complete clinical mobility you need to achieve workflow efficiency and keep your patients and your business healthy.


Whether you need help keeping in contact or streamlining services, Zebra offers multiple user-friendly healthcare-specific software solutions that easily integrate into existing systems.


Zebra services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.

Let Zebra Design a Workflow Efficiency Solution to Meet Your Needs