Zebra MotionWorks™Asset: RFID/RTLS Tracking & Management

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Introducing the Most Advanced Asset for Managing Them

When you don't have visibility to critical assets, the productivity and efficiency of your operation suffers. But now, you can manage important assets in your enterprise with Zebra MotionWorks™ Asset. MotionWorks processes real-time location data and converts it into information that leads to insights. And it delivers unprecedented visibility that allows for smarter, faster business decisions to optimise your business at the performance edge. Get data that delineates – and technology that transforms – by turning asset location into an invaluable asset. Because when you know where everything is, you can accomplish anything.

Reduce Manual Processes and Downtime

Zebra MotionWorks Asset location solutions provide automated tracking of every important tool or asset across your entire enterprise. Knowing where they are, where to get one, or to find and recall hidden ones greatly reduces the downtime spent looking for missing or misplaced assets.

Improve Workflows with Accurate Data

MotionWorks provides you with the most detailed information about the location, condition and state of your enterprise resources. And having accurate data on your assets gives you the ability to make better purchasing and maintenance decisions based on actual usage tracking.


Automated asset tracking saves time and money, and makes for more efficient operations by ensuring assets are available when and where they are needed and in a condition to be used. And this visibility helps reduce the costs of physical asset loss.

Zebra MotionWorks Asset: Tracking and Transforming

Line of semi lorries

Vehicle Tracking

Track, measure and manage vehicles through off-line processes and testing anywhere within your facility – both indoors and out – with Zebra's MotionWorks Solutions.

Material Tracking

Get the actionable data you need for your assembly and repair operations with Zebra's MotionWorks solution for work in process. MotionWorks leverages a mix of barcode, RFID and RTLS technologies to provide you with a scalable, affordable solution. Capture and analyse cycle and dwell times data for insights into both upstream and downstream constraints. Rely on real-time visibility for superior work control.

manufacturing facility floor with work-in-process items
Factory floor

Track and Trace

Change is the only constant in high-tech manufacturing environments. With track and trace solutions, you have the real-time information you need to manage assets and parts inventory up and down your manufacturing line.

Tool and Equipment Tracking

Know within inches where specific tools are located with an automated RTLS-based tool tracking system. Change tools' functionalities based on their locations. Keep inventory and replacement costs down through real-time tool inventory management.

jet turbine being worked on

Giving You an Edge at the Performance Edge

Car being manufactured in a factory.

Global Automotive Company Accelerates Efficiency

See how Zebra MotionWorks location solutions helped an international automotive enterprise drive efficiency and productivity to unprecedented levels.

Woman in army uniform holding a Zebra mobile printer.

Military Deploys Real-Time Asset Management Solutions

See how a U.S. military depot implemented MotionWorks technology to achieve near real-time visibility and greatly improve operational performance.

Mechanic working on fixing a jet engine.

Aerospace Manufacturer Sees Productivity Soar

See how a leading worldwide aerospace operation used automated data capture to gain transformational, accurate, real-time asset visibility.

Check Out Hardware Options and More

Location Technologies

Zebra offers a full portfolio of best-in-class hardware options for capturing location data, to satisfy a large variety of requirements for range, accuracy and precision. Real-time tracking for your organisation lets you better manage and optimise your critical assets and create more efficient workflows.

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Signature Services

Zebra's Signature Services help you accelerate the speed at which you implement new intelligent edge devices and software into your existing IT environment and workflow.

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Zebra RFID

Zebra RFID helps you transform your business and get ahead of competitors with the industry’s broadest, field-proven RFID portfolio for unmatched accuracy and interoperability.

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