Medical Device Identification

Ensure UDI Compliancy

All Medical Devices distributed in the United States must carry a unique device identifier, or UDI, as per the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The compliance dates for this regulation are as early as September 24, 2014 for Class III Medical devices and as late as September 24, 2020 for Class I Medical Devices.

Medical device product identification labels:

Maintain compliance

Ensure brand consistency

Improve operational efficiency

Support business growth

Product identification labels are the final link between a Medical Device Manufacturer and key stakeholders including customers, care givers, patients and regulators.

Not all thermal labels are created equal.  It is critical that the UDI is readable and scannable at the point of production and throughout the products safe and appropriate use and disposal.  


Choosing the Right Label

Zebra offers a variety of print and apply solutions, with over 40+ years of barcoding experience.  This enables Zebra to offer expert advice on UDI compliance, barcode symbologies, scannability and durability to enable manufacturers to maintain compliance with confidence, driving measurable ROI.  

Zebra's thermal labels:

  • withstand sterilization and cleaning agents used in hospitals
  • are available in any size and configuration
  • offer custom pre-print static information and branding
Medical Device Label

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