Staff Communications

communicate in real time


Connect employees in your warehouses and distribution centres using integrated voice and data across devices and networks. Coordinated activity, oriented around real-time information, leads to efficient operations and flawless fulfillment. Tasks, work orders, text messages, and group and private calls can be initiated, routed, and escalated across or within work groups to ensure you can get the most out of your workforce.

Situation: Tethered managers 

To keep warehouse operations running smoothly and effectively, your managers need the ability to coordinate the work of their employees in real time. They also need access to business systems, such as purchasing and inventory, and business communications, including voicemail and email. With a lack of mobile access to these tools, managers are forced to spend a large part of their day tethered to the desk instead of out on the floor, supervising employees.

SOLUTION: Zebra devices connect your workers

Our Staff Communications and Management solution enables your staff to communicate clearly and reliably with one another and critical business applications, even in noisy warehouse or production environments, using the device that is most suited to their particular job function. Mobile handheld computers and even wearable computers enable your entire team to connect, make more informed decisions, and respond to changing conditions and evolving priorities.

Results: Higher efficiency and productivity

  • Increase productivity with access to task and business management systems
  • Facilitate communications for all workers, cost effectively
  • Efficiently manage the workforce
  • Enhance task interleaving
  • Minimize infrastructure expenses by leveraging your existing systems
  • Replace disruptive overhead paging with targeted, person-to-person communications

Recommended components for your solution


Handheld Computers

Single-device simplicity designed for manufacturing results in handheld technology that extends organizational knowledge instantly and accurately.

Wearable Computers

Our lightweight yet rugged wearable computers are built with the latest data capture and voice technology. They keep workers' hands and eyes on the task at hand.


Workforce Connect

Management software to enable multi-device functionality that drives capital and operational costs down — and unified device simplicity that drives workforce productivity up.


Zebra Services

Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.