Public Sector Solutions


No matter what your line of work within the Public Sector, Zebra designs products and services which, along with our vast partner community, provide a total solution to improve the productivity of your mobile workforce whilst minimising the cost of to your organisation.


Leading Security Firm Equips Its Guards With Robust, Reliable Zebra Touch Computers

Securitas needed to equip it's mobile guards with a future-proof ruggedised Android device with an integrated barcode reader. The Zebra TC75a was seamlessly rolled out to 23 branches nationwide during a three-month period, resulting in increased productivity and safety of security teams.

Front Line Mobility

Emergency Services workers, field based task workers, housing and social care, logistics and supply. We have rugged mobile computers devices to suit your every need. From our latest sleek yet fully rugged TC56 hand held to the ET55 rugged tablet PC We have the widest range of rugged Android Enterprise mobile devices on the market today. All our devices come with a wider range of accessories to address the varying requirements of our public sector customers
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 Keeping Track

Zebra’s entire Portfolio can help your organisation keep track of your assets. We can provide you the labels to tag your assets form simple bar codes to complex customized multi-format labels or RFID tags and even Bluetooth LE Beacons. The labels can be used on your fixed and mobile assets, items you may have to provide to the public, or even evidence and personnel. Zebra can provide you with the fixed desktop or mobile printers to print labels, tags, cards or even wristbands.
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Advanced Technology Solutions 

We provide the tools to scan and capture the data with our huge range of Advanced Data Capture solutions for every environment, both wired and wireless. RFID Readers and Mobile Computers with integrated scanning and identification capture technology built in from the ground up.

Our devices are designed for both indoor wireless LAN operations as well as outdoor 3G or 4G wide area needs. We even provide fixed vehicle solutions for your fork trucks in the warehouse or the mobile stores and delivery requirements as well as wearable computing which enables your operatives to maximize productivity when handling large volumes of items.
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Keeping your mobile workers mobile: 

When deploying mobile solutions in large volumes its important to consider the management of the devices you deploy, keeping them up to date in terms of security, operating system release and application updates. There are hidden costs in managing mobility and these can rise exponentially if you don’t have good systems in place to manage your assets.

With 30 plus years of experience Zebra has designed a complete suite of services to ensure your investment is maximised and the cost of management is minimised. Zebra’s One Care and Asset Visibility Services will keep you going 24x7x365. Learn more.

We also have a suite of tools which we provide our customers in order to simplify, optimize, develop and maintain the device fleet – this is part of our DNA, so that’s what we call it: Mobility DNA
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The Total Cost of Ownership

When considering the devices to deploy and the services required to support them through a long lifecycle its important to consider ALL the costs associated with doing so. Through Zebra’s own research and that of trusted industry Analysts VDC and Gartner we can show the true benefit of rugged enterprise mobile solutions over consumer grade devices. Take a look, the numbers speak for themselves!:
Putting real numbers behind mobile device TCO

Government Framework Supply

Zebra has one of the largest Partner ecosystems in the Industry. We have specialist and more broad line solution providers as well as System Integrators (SI’s) and Software Vendors (ISVs) who sit on the relevant UK Government supply frameworks. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

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