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Grocery Futures: The Highlights

Watch More Highlights from Zebra’s Grocery Future Event

Seen the Amazon Go announcement promising no lines and no checkout? Wondering how to respond? Watch the highlights of Zebra’s Grocery Future’s event in Düsseldorf to learn how the latest sensing technology will deliver tomorrow’s retail experiences. Listen to Tom Bianculli, Zebra’s CTO on our vision for the future of retail. Find out how technology can be combined to eliminate queues and enable hassle free payments.

A Challenge and a Customer Journey

Tom Bianculli - CTO, Zebra Technologies

The Future of Retail

Tom Bianculli - CTO, Zebra Technologies

Personal Shopping Solution

Discover how the latest (personal shopper) "scan-as-you-shop" solutions can enable the digital experience in store. Hear how Plus Retail have innovated to achieve over 40% adoption of their scan as you shop solution. Discover how Globus have fine-tuned their offering in Germany and the Czech Republic.

A Master’s Thesis

Choosing the right device for self-scanning from a consumer perspective. 

Vincent Jensen - CIO, Plus Retail

Scan and Go in Germany and the Czech Republic

From implementation to addressing concerns and fine tuning the solution. 

Malte Wolters - Head of New Technology and Innovation at Globus

Let’s Talk About the MC18

Tom Bianculli - CTO, Zebra Technologies

Discover the Future of Mobile Self-Scanning



Grocery Futures: The Extended Cut

Need more information on the key points covered at the event? Watch the extended cut to find out all the details from the event. Learn from the experiences of Plus Retail and Globus. Understand key future trends and challenges. See Zebra’s vision.

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