Brand Experience

Optimising your brand

Retail customers shop strictly on their terms, browsing and buying online at any time of day. So how do you set about meeting their demanding expectations? How do you provide them with the retail brand experience that encourages them to spend with you and stay loyal?

  • A better
    brand experience

    Explore how retail technology can transform operations and in-store customer experience.

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  • Case study:
    River Island

    Technology investment reaped the benefits for this progressive high-street retailer.

  • Delivering a consistent brand experience

    Bringing online and in-store together to create a more unified and satisfactory customer experience.

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A better customer experience

Retail customers experience omni-channel retailing, regardless of whether they are online or in-store, so everything needs to stack up.

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Our range of interactive kiosks will help you enhance customers’ satisfaction by giving your customers the ultimate in self-service.

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Case study:
GO Outdoors

Find out why handheld digital scanners were a breath of fresh air for this outdoor retailer.

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kiosk receipt

How self-service retail technology has evolved and the opportunities it currently presents.

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Customer engagement
via kiosks

How self-serve retail technology has evolved and the opportunities it currently presents.

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Impactful Customer Engagement

Provide every customer who walks into your store the most customised and personalised experience possible, every single time using our unique locationing technology.

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