Utilities Sector Solutions

Across the Utilities sector Zebra designs products and services which, along with our vast partner community, provide a total solution to improve the productivity of your mobile workforce whilst minimising the cost of to your organisation.



Real-time integration of people, processes and systems with enterprise solutions will provide utility companies unrivalled asset visibility. Zebra designs products and services which, along with our vast partner community, provide a total solution to improve the productivity of your mobile workforce whilst minimising the cost of to your organisation.


SQS success story

Improving Field Reporting With Zebra Technologies’ ES400

SQS wanted to improve data capture and transmission for its field teams who often work in tough environments. The solution? Zebra ES400 Enterprise Digital Assistant. SQS can now trace and analyze the work teams, standardise forms and proactivly warn customers of delays.


Intrinsically Safe Mobile Devices For Hazardous Areas

BARTEC and Zebra are collaborating to supply companies who work in hazardous environments, where explosions are a constant risk, with exactly the right, intrinsically safe mobile device for their environment; in this way companies can significantly increase operational efficiency, maximise productivity and ensure accuracy and data visibility, all whilst staying fully secure.

Q Park Success Story

Read about how this leading parking company has boosted efficiency with Zebra touch computers and mobile printers.

Field Engineers 

The deployment of smart energy meter is placing more demand on field based task workers to capture asset information electrically and support PAN & WAN communication interfaces to aid the commissioning process of the HAN element within smart meter system. We offer a range of rugged mobile computers and tablets that meet these business demands in addition to providing Windows Mobile or Andriod operating systems, integrated GPS for location information and push-to-talk software to improve communications between staff.


Plant Maintenance 

Maintaining plant operations and employee safety needs real asset visibility while controlling costs to your business. We can offer you the labels to tag your assets; this can be simple bar codes to complex customised multi-format labels or RFID tags. To capture this asset information electronically, we offer a range of mobile computers. In addition to obtaining asset information, our mobile devices also provide mechanical sealing to meet ATEX standard and Bluetooth LE Beaconing technology to locate staff across all areas of your site. 


Keeping your mobile workers mobile 

When deploying mobile solutions in large volumes its important to consider the management of the devices you deploy, keeping them up to date in terms of security, operating system release and application updates. There are hidden costs in managing mobility and these can rise exponentially if you don’t have good systems in place to manage your assets.

With 30 plus years of experience Zebra has designed a complete suite of services to ensure your investment is maximised and the cost of management is minimised. Zebra’s One Care and Operational Visibility Services will keep you going 24x7x365.

We also provide a suite of tools to help our customers simplify, optimise, develop and maintain the device fleet – this is part of our DNA, so that’s what we call it Mobility DNA.


The Total Cost of Ownership 

When considering the devices to deploy and the services required to support them through a long lifecycle its important to consider ALL the costs associated with doing so. Through Zebra’s own research and that of trusted industry Analysts VDC and Gartner we can show the true benefit of rugged enterprise mobile solutions over consumer grade devices. Take a look, the numbers speak for themselves!: 


Visibility Services

Learn how Zebra's Visibility Services allow you to see the location, status, and usage of your critical assets and increase your bottom line.


Enterprise Asset Intelligence

We live in a connected world, and technology is embedded in everything we do. This enhanced business insight allows you to make more informed decisions and improve performance. Connecting your devices to robust cloud technology will allow you to capture and share mission-critical data—making the smart, connected enterprise a reality.

Learn more about Intelligent Enterprise and how it can be harnessed to drive business success across Utlilities organisations.