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Drive Growth with a Smarter Warehouse

When it comes to creating a real-time warehouse, only Zebra Technologies brings you true end-to-end solutions. Zebra products help your company wrangle increasing complexities by automating processes and simplifying operations.

Our visibility solutions. built on peerless Wi-Fi networks and RFID infrastructure, give you the information and agility to capitalize on customer demand. Powerful mobility tools empower workers, boosting productivity in every inch of the warehouse. Zebra services help you get and keep your mobile warehouse solution up and running at peak performance and free your IT staff to focus on business objectives.

The result? Customers get what they need, when they need it.

We have improved order accuracy and traceability, allowing us to implement FIFO and ensure paint batch continuity. I estimate that staff productivity has increased by approximately 10% and customer service levels have consequently risen.

Gaétan Le Fevre, managing director of Copagro
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Greater upstream and downstream complexities have increased the cost of filling each order but Zebra's solutions can improve throughput by utilising platforms optimized for each warehouse workflow and give your workforce the task prioritization needed to deliver greater value.



Proven perfect order fulfillment precedes opportunities to win a greater share of your customers' business. Enhanced visibility allows you to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations and enjoy the financial rewards of expanded partnerships. 



Giving workers truly actionable intelligence at the point of work ensures accuracy, allows insightful decisions and eliminates delays. Empowered workers can better serve suppliers and customers, driving efficiency and customer experience.

Warehousing 2018

Learn how technology is transforming the warehouse from a cost centre to a growth centre.

Solution Brief

Learn how Zebra’s wearable mobile computers can drive down picking errors down and boost productivity.

Application Brief

Zebra’s diverse warehouse scanning portfolio has the right scanner for your job.

Warehouse Solutions

Receiving & Sortation

Strengthen your capabilities with your suppliers, decrease out of stock conditions in your warehouses, quickly receive and sort inbound materials, and fulfill customer orders accurately and cost-effectively.

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Put-Away & Replenishment

Zebra's warehouse put-away and replenishment solutions are built for enhanced warehouse productivity.

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Cycle Count & Inventory Management

Use mobile and wireless warehouse technologies physical inventory management in real-time and reduce the number of hours required for cycle counting.

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Multi-Modal & Voice Directed Picking

Process more orders, reduce errors & improve customer service by automating order picking with cost-effective, easy, voice directed picking solutions.

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Packing & Staging

Advanced RFID-based solutions for packing stations ensure the highest accuracy, while our mobile technologies help workers save time during packing and staging.

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Shipping & Delivery

Increase driver efficiency, synchronize your fleet with your warehouses, and make every customer experience a positive one.

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Infrastructure & Speciality Solutions

Staff Communications

Workers can communicate clearly and reliably using Zebra's voice and data tools, even in noisy and expansive warehouse environments.

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Industrial Wireless Solutions

Deliver the power of video, locationing, and VoWLAN securely across your warehouses and yards with Zebra's Industrial Wireless Solutions.

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RFID Solutions for Warehouses & DCs

Provide greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain with Zebra RFID Solutions for Warehouse & DCs.

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Cold Chain Solutions

Improve product traceability, order accuracy, and shipping times in cold storage environments with Zebra's cold chain solutions. Learn more at zebra.com.

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