Shipping & Delivery

up-to-the-minute data

Coordinate Drivers and
Synchronize your Supply Chain

The work of your warehouse does not stop at the loading dock. Ensure that the high performance within your warehouse extends into the fleet of vehicles that are used to make deliveries in the field. Zebra’s shipping and delivery solutions help coordinate efficient and safe routes with drivers, speeding delivery and increasing customer satisfaction.

Improve Driver Efficiency

Drivers can easily scan pieces at every step to record their pickup or delivery, plus they can electronically capture signatures and take high-quality photos of packages out in the field.

Enhance Customer Service

Customers are able to better plan for the receipt of their order by knowing the full contents and history of a shipment. Dock scheduling and yard management benefits for customers can translate into higher utilisation of your own fleet.

Synchronize Your Fleet

When your WMS, TMS, and YMS are all tied together and synchronized with mobile solutions, the performance level of your entire supply chain is elevated.

Recommended components for Shipping & Delivery

Each solution combines industry-leading hardware and accessories, custom software from our App Development Community, supplies to withstand the conditions of your manufacturing facility and the best partner network to implement and service.



Give your workers the mobile computer that can continually evolve to meet your ever-changing business needs with the Workabout Pro 4. Its modular design lets you buy the features you need now, and easily add new features later in your own facility.

MC67 Mobile Computer

Re-define productivity for your workforce with the MC67. This fully-featured device lets workers scan practically any barcode in almost any condition; capture documents to simplify recordkeeping; take and send video and photos for real-time repair support; and call a customer with an arrival window.

Handheld Computers

Single-device simplicity designed for field workers results in handheld technology that extends organizational knowledge instantly and accurately.

Vehicle Computers

From the loading dock to the warehouse and into the yard, up-to-the-minute data when you need it.

Industrial Printers

Zebra industrial printers improve asset tracking with high volume printing. Barcode label printing made easy, especially for invoice printing and packing slips.

Desktop Printers

Zebra desktop printers are great for label printing, wristband printing, receipt printing or ticket printing. These tabletop printers are ideal for small to mid-volume printing.

Mobile Printers

Zebra mobile printers provide portable printing for all your barcode needs. Price labelling, warehouse management and retail are just a small sample of application covered by Zebra mobile printers.

Print Engines

Zebra print engines provide a barcode solution for high volume printing perfect for heavy duty industrial situations. PAX print engines are customisable to create a unique barcode system based on needs.


Zebra Services

Our services help you through each phase of your technology's lifecycle so you can plan your communications solution to fit your organisation's current and future needs.



Location Solutions

Zebra's portfolio of location solution products along with our real-time locating system software, work together to give you a digital view of your physical operations.