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Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Before beginning, ensure the printer has media loaded and is ready to print when sending the new firmware file. It is always good practice to record the existing printer configurations before upgrading/downgrading the printer since some values may be defaulted during the firmware loading process. 

1. Download the firmware file to an appropriate working directory on your hard drive

2. Run the self-extracting executable file (vXX_XX_X.exe), which will produce a .ZPL firmware file

3. Send the .ZPL file to the printer via one of the suggested methods to update the printer firmware

4. The printer acknowledges the upgrade by performing a reset and then printing a configuration list

Sending the .zpl file

Standard FTP commands can be used to transfer the .zpl file to the printer. Or, choose one of the following:

ZebraDesigner Driver - Use the Send File feature under Tools  to send the .zpl file 

Zebra Setup Utility - Use the Send File feature to communicate the .zpl file to the printer.

ZebraNet Bridge - Use the Copy/Paste File feature to send the .zpl file to the printer. 


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