Customer Experience

Employee at a coffee shop accepting payment from a customer.

Today's Customers Want to Be Right, Right Away

Customer expectations are higher than ever for service, speed, accuracy and convenience. To get ahead, you’ll need to align with what drives customer engagement and satisfaction in every visit. Let’s generate higher profits and satisfy more customers by maintaining a customer-first mindset. Elevate the retail customer experience by creating frictionless stores, optimizing inventory and executing smarter, more agile operations.

  • Boost Customer Engagement

    Zebra's unprecedented data capture and analytics allow you to understand what makes your customers tick and develop innovative ways to elevate customer engagement. Let's personalize the customer experience—making every interaction count where it matters most: at the front line of business.

  • Increase Speed and Safety

    Zebra scanners enable long read ranges to separate cashiers from customers while tablets and printers expedite curbside service. User- friendly designs safeguard employees and are able to withstand rigorous, long-term sanitization. Give customers speed and convenience with remote assistance, self-scanning and self-checkout options.

  • Empower Associates

    Step up the customer experience by reinventing your associates’ role to inventory champions, multi-tasking aces, sales superstars and line busters. Power the collective best to accelerate tasks with smart devices loaded with cutting- edge software in hand, so every associate can do more with every task, every time, at every store.

Ready to Elevate Your Store's Customer Experience?