Zebra media has the mettle to stick to the job at hand.

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Print your own labels that last with Zebra's comprehensive and cost effective range of media for challenging identification and tracking environments. Our label, adhesive, and ribbon combinations have been formulated to withstand exposure to high heat, oils, finishing solvents, and moisture. They will stay attached and stay readable throughout metals processing, storage, and distribution operations. Zebra label printers have the durability and ruggedness to match. The combination provides an unmatched range of labeling options to meet your needs, including:

  • Identify sheet metal and ingots by content, by encoding information on demand with bar code printers in the production area.
  • Scan bar codes to track samples through quality control and test operations.
  • Manage storage, inventory, and outgoing shipments with bar code labels for finished goods and shipping container identification.

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