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Losing files or assets? Zebra solutions let you file and forget these problems.

Zebra supports a wide range of tracking systems to keep your business on track. Reduce lost items and lost time with bar code and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems that make your people and processes more productive. Here are some ways to improve your business by printing labels, tickets, and ID cards on demand:

  • Zebra's compact, easy-to-use desktop printers are purpose-built for label printing, so you can easily print labels without wasting time or materials. Take advantage of their small footprint, easy loading, quiet performance, and outstanding image quality to print labels for file folders and documents, internal routing slips, receipts, mailing labels, and other documentation.
  • Desktop card printers provide the convenience of issuing employee ID cards, visitor badges and other plastic cards on demand with a variety of photo, graphics, and security options.
  • Use durable Zebra printer and supplies combinations to produce lifetime bar code and RFID smart labels for asset tracking, property management, and inventory control

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LP 2824 Plus: easy-to-use, reliable, ultra-compact printer

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