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Zebra delivers accuracy and accountability with secure identification printing solutions.

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Manage personnel and property more accurately with Zebra's ID card, wristband, or label printing solutions. Encode information in bar code, radio frequency identification (RFID), and magnetic stripe to take advantage of fast, accurate, and convenient automated data entry. Keep errors out of your systems and eliminate the need for redundant manual data entry with durable, secure ID cards and labels. Here are some ways Zebra solutions can help improve efficiency, accountability and responsiveness in the public safety sector:

  • Enhance access control and visitor tracking with desktop card printers from Zebra that enable you to produce photo ID cards on demand with optional bar code, magnetic stripe, and RFID encoding.
  • For disaster management, patient identification, prisoner tracking, crowd control, and other operations that require fast, temporary identification, use Zebra printers and supplies to create durable, tamper-proof wristbands with text, graphic, bar code, and RFID identification.
  • Electronic citation systems for officers and inspectors improve safety by enabling users to focus their attention on the environment, not on paperwork. Mobile Zebra printers enhance these systems by producing citations that are accurate, legible, and enforceable.
  • Apply bar code or RFID labels to evidence and property to facilitate convenient data entry and secure chain of custody tracking. Zebra has reliable printers and durable label materials for use in the property room or in the field to create identification and tracking labels. Zebra's mobile printers can also be useful in encoding GPS data for scene reconstruction.

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