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Dependability, speed, and accuracy have helped Zebra ID card, wristband, and label printers earn their place on many emergency response teams. Zebra helps bring order to chaotic situations with rugged and reliable printers that give first responders the means to quickly and accurately identify, track, and secure personnel, victims, and assets.

Zebra printers are ruggedly built to perform in the most challenging conditions, and technically flexible enough to connect to laptops, handheld computers, and secure wireless networks -- even where there is no ready-made IT infrastructure. Here are a few ways Zebra printers and supplies support emergency response operations:

  • Color-coded wristbands help to quickly identify and organize victims and reunite them with their loved ones. Zebra wristband printers can print text and graphics on durable and tamper-resistant Z-bands. Wristbands can include bar codes and RFID tags to encode confidential information or to support automated registration, "declining dollars" debit accounts, and access control systems.
  • Photo ID badges and other credentials can be created on-site for rescue workers, contractors, officials, media, and volunteers by teaming a Zebra card printer with a digital camera. Integrated support for bar code, magnetic stripe, and contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) encoding gives authorities the flexibility to put all the identification, security clearance, and other data needed right on the card.
  • Bar code label printers and durable media are ideal for identifying and tracking assets and supplies, supporting accurate inventory counts, and facilitating rapid deployments.
  • Authorities can take advantage of mobile printers to generate warning labels, citations, and on-site inspection stickers. Lightweight mobile printers teamed with handheld computers, some with global positioning systems or digital cameras, enable field workers to record wreckage and evidence recovered at the scene of a disaster.

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