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Zebra printers, large and small, bring lasting benefits to durable goods retailing.

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Managing big boxes and durable goods can be a big challenge. Labels can be hard to reach and hard to read, which can lead to costly excess inventory. Large labels and small printers are two options for improving inventory identification.

  • Big labels work well for big items. Standard four-inch labels can be difficult to reach and to scan accurately in crowded inventory holding areas. Zebra's wide-format printers can produce labels up to 8.5 inches wide and 39 or more inches long to facilitate easy reading and convenient long-distance bar codescanning.
  • Enhance permanent identification with radio frequency identification (RFID)smart labels that can encode serial numbers, configuration information and other product details.
  • Zebra has a complete range of media options to meet item and package labeling needs, including wrap-around labels for corner labeling, reflective media for long-distance bar code scanning, tear-proof tag material, RFID smart labels for automated reading without direct line-of-sight, and weather-resistant, UV-coated materials for outdoor use.
  • It's not always easy to bring durable goods to the printer. Use mobile printers to conveniently create merchandise labels at the receiving dock, storage location, or even the retail floor. Whenever and wherever accurate labels are needed, mobile printers can do the job and eliminate wasteful trips to a central label printing location.

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