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Add convenience to every trip while helping your passengers and employees get where they need to go safely, swiftly, and securely with Zebra printing solutions for passenger management.

  • Hurried airline travelers appreciate the convenience of curbside check-in, enabled by reliable printers that create bar coded and even radio frequency identification (RFID) encoded boarding passes and baggage tags.
  • Railway, airline, and ferry operators can save passengers time by selling tickets on board using roving ticket agents equipped with mobile printers Tickets can be sold along with refreshments, newspapers, and other sundries to make maximum use of the workforce and minimize passenger interruptions.
  • Zebra desktop printers are ideal for printing boarding passes or baggage claim labels because they are fast, easy to use, and small enough to fit easily onto crowded counters. Media options for Zebra desktop printers include a variety of overt and covert security features to prevent duplication and counterfeiting. Tickets can be easily authenticated at the gate to prevent fraudulent boarding.
  • Taxi companies can issue receipts, and even accept credit cards, with mobile printers and secure payment processing solutions.
  • Bus and other public transportation operators can offer more convenience by using mobile printers for on-board ticket sales or queue busting at the station. Compact printers are ideal for use at ticket counters. ID card printers/encoders can quickly produce secure fare cards and passes. Utilizing contactless fare cards improves boarding efficiency and helps drivers stay on schedule.
  • Road and bridge operators will find that reliable, compact, thermal printers are the ideal solution to issue toll receipts.
  • Cruise lines can improve customer convenience and their own operating efficiency by creating or encoding passenger ID badges or wristbands that can be used as room keys, as electronic wallets, and to control access to facilities.
  • Card printing benefits personnel as well as passengers. Use on-demand card printers to create employee ID cards for automated security, access control, and time and attendance recording.

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