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Just-in-time delivery, mixed pallet and less-than-truckload shipments, bar code and RFID compliance labeling, supply chain track-and-trace, and other sophisticated distribution operations require sophisticated printing systems. Zebra solutions put all the information you need into each label, so packing, shipping, inventory management, delivery, and other operations can be completed quickly, accurately, and efficiently. Zebra supports efficient, responsive distribution operations with:

  • Complete compliance labeling solutions for bar coding and RFID
  • Powerful printers with the memory and processing power to store and quickly generate multiple label formats. High-throughput models are ideal for re-packaging, re-labeling, and shipment labeling applications.
  • XML connectivity and other convenient interfaces to tightly integrate printing operations with your WMS and enterprise software applications
  • Mobile and cart-mounted printers for receiving, put away, and picking operations.
  • Wireless networking support, so printerscan be added anywhere in your facility.
  • RFID and brand-protection solutions to provide advanced authentication, diversion protection, and track-and-trace capabilities.
  • Networking and troubleshooting tools, so global printing operations can be monitored and maintained from a central location.
  • Rugged mobile printers for delivery and route accounting operations.

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