Using ZebraDesigner to Design a label for use with a KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU | Zebra

Using ZebraDesigner to Design a label for use with a KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU

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This procedure details designing a label for use with the KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU. The original KDU works only with EPL printers. The KDU Plus and ZKDU work with ZPL and EPL printers.

Applies To

Users needing to design labels for use with a KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU and ZebraDesigner Pro Software


  • ZebraDesigner Pro V2
  • KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU
  • Zebra ZPL or EPL Printers


ZebraDesigner and ZebraDesigner Pro can be used as a convenient way to design the label and store it on the printer for later recall by the KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU. 

Note: The name of the uploaded file will match the name of the ZebraDesigner Label File. 

User-added image Click here to view video -> How to create a variable data label format with ZebraDesigner

There are some restrictions on the labels that are used in this fashion: 


• The label cannot use any data from a connected database. The label is stored and printed exclusively by the printer.
• The label cannot contain any ZebraDesigner Pro formula values.
• All barcodes and fonts for variable fields must use internal fonts.
           Note:  You can use the font downloader to download any additional fonts that may be required by the label.  
• Any time, date or counter variables must be designed to be determined by the printer.  
         Note:  Printer must have the Real Time Clock Option 
• Linked fields are not a supported feature for EPL and ZPL formats exported for the KDU, KDU Plus, or ZKDU
         Note:  The Standard KDU (non-Plus) requires EPL to be used and the EPL driver must be used for the printer

After creating your label with the variable keyboard input data it is recommended to print the label from the software to ensure it prints as desired before exporting the label to the printer.


Information and details using ZebraDesigner with a KDU, KDU Plus or ZKDU are available here Read More>> 

Helpful Information

USB Communication Information  Read More>>

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