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Zebra ZSB Authorized Retailers


Offering a range of sizes from 1” – 4”, you’ll find that you always have what you need on hand.

The Value of the Virtually UnJammable Label

You don’t have time for printer jams or the missed shipments they cause. When loading our latest virtually unjammable cartridges, you’ll discover it’s simply impossible to do it incorrectly.
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Always find the label you need.

ZSB supports hundreds of high-quality, durable labels crafted by the world’s number one thermal printer manufacturer.


Compatibility Chart

Smart Cartridge ZSB Standard ZSB Plus

ZSB-LC7 (1.25" x 1.25")

Small Multipurpose

ZSB-LC2 (1.25" x 3.5")


ZSB-LC8 (2.25" x 0.5")

Jewelry Price Label

ZSB-LC3 (2.25" x 0.75")

Return Address / File Folder

ZSB-LC6 (2.25" x 1")


ZSB-LC5 (2.25" x 3.5")

Multipurpose / Name Tag

ZSB-LC4 (2.25" x 4")

Shipping / Mailing

ZSB-LC1 (4" x 6")

XL Shipping




friendly cartridges.

ZSB cartridges are 100% compostable –
meaning you can plant them in your garden!

Now you can go back to focusing solely on growing your business, without worrying about your impact.

Take printing off your plate

"Alexa, print 5 labels"

Just start by Saying "Alexa" to print labels, check catridge. Levels or reorder catridge, all hands free

Hundreds of templates for shipping, retail and everything else.

Save time with thousands of user-generated label templates.

Get more done with Plus.

A innovative large cartidge bay adds up to 4x more capacity to your printer.

ZSB Printer Standard

From $199


Zebra ZSB Authorized Retailers

ZSB Printer Plus

From $249

* Up to 4x more capacity