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Press Release Archive

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12/16/2010 Zebra Introduces Industry’s Most Rugged Route Palette for the Mobile Workforce
12/08/2010 Zebra Technologies Introduces ZMotif™ CardStudio™ Complete Card Design Software Solution
12/07/2010 Zebra Technologies Unveils New ZXP Series 3™ Printer for Smart Card Applications
11/16/2010 Zebra Technologies Introduces Z-Band Fun® and Z-Band Splash® Wristbands for Amusement Parks and Attractions
11/04/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces Record EPS for 2010 Third Quarter
10/25/2010 Zebra Technologies and Honeywell Announce Global Alliance to Deliver Seamless Mobile Computing, Scanning and Printing Solutions
10/19/2010 Zebra Technologies Introduces Fastest Ever ZXP Series 8™ Secure Issuance Printer for Secure On-Demand Financial Instant Issuance Card Printing
10/12/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces Ashley Ford as Vice President of North America Sales, Specialty Printing Group
08/09/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces the RXi4 RFID Printer/Encoder for Advanced Item-Level Tagging from the Supply Chain to the Retail Floor
08/05/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces 2010 Second Quarter Financial Results
07/30/2010 Zebra Technologies Wins Four ‘Best Channel Product’ Awards from Business Solutions Magazine
07/16/2010 Zebra Technologies Adds Laminator to Award-Winning ZXP Series 8™ Retransfer Card Printer
06/08/2010 Zebra Technologies Responds to Mobile Workforce Industry Demands With the introduction of the RW 420 Print Station
06/02/2010 Healthcare Professionals commit to Patient Safety by Purchasing More Than 125 Million of Zebra Technologies’ Patient I.D. Wristbands Worldwide
05/04/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces 2010 First Quarter Financial Results
04/29/2010 Zebra Technologies Opens New Research & Development Center in Guangzhou
03/16/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces Deborah Murphy as Vice President of Market and Channel Development, Specialty Printing Solutions
02/17/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces Bar Code Label Printing Availability on Ascent for Salesforce CRM
02/09/2010 Zebra Technologies Announces Fourth Quarter Financial Results
01/19/2010 Zebra Technologies Strengthens Channel Success with Coveted Industry Recognition from Business Solutions Magazine
01/03/2010 Zebra Technologies Named a Best Channel Vendor by Business Solutions Magazine
12/08/2009 Zebra Technologies Brings Mobile Printing Applications to Smart Phones
11/10/2009 Microsoft Word - IQ Color FINAL 11-09.docx
11/04/2009 Microsoft Word - PR3q09.docx
10/05/2009 Microsoft Word - Xi4 Press Release 9-27-09 final.docx
09/21/2009 Microsoft Word - Zebra Card Software Applications Press Release FINAL.docx
09/01/2009 Jim Kaput Joins Zebra Technologies as General Counsel
09/01/2009 Microsoft Word - Best Channel Products Release 8-28-09.doc
08/24/2009 Microsoft Word - Sharon Brindley CRN Release 8 20 09 FINAL.doc
08/11/2009 The Danby Group, Freedom Shopping and Zebra Technologies Honored with RSPA and VSR Second Annual Innovative Solution Award for Quick Service
08/04/2009 Zebra Technologies Announces 2009 Second Quarter Financial Results
06/16/2009 One of the World’s Largest Terminals Implements Navis™ SPARCS Analytics and SPARCS Monitor
06/16/2009 Zebra Technologies CEO to Address National Summit
05/27/2009 Abu Dhabi Airport Services selects the proveo Airport Visualiser
05/05/2009 First Quarter Earnings Conference Call Invitation 2009
05/05/2009 Zebra Technologies Announces 2009 First Quarter Financial Results
04/28/2009 Zebra Technologies, Impinj and UPM Raflatac Collaborate to Deliver Item-Level UHF Gen 2 RFID Solution
04/14/2009 Zebra Technologies Announces Sharon Brindley as New Vice President of North American Sales, Specialty Printing Solutions
03/31/2009 Microsoft Word - ZXP Series 8 Press Release FINAL.doc
03/09/2009 Zebra Technologies Unveils QuikCard™ ID Solution for Fast, Easy Creation of Identification Cards
02/17/2009 Zebra Technologies Announces 2008 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Financial Results Including Non-Cash Asset Impairment Charges,Microsoft Word - PR4q08 final.doc
01/23/2009 Fourth Quarter Earnings Conference Call
01/21/2009 Business Solutions Magazine Places Zebra Among the Best Channel Vendors
01/12/2009 Zebra Technologies Launches New Off-The-Shelf Kiosk Enclosure for Rapid Deployment of Self-Service Applications
01/05/2009 Zebra Technologies Appoints Bill Walsh as General Manager, Enterprise Solutions Division
11/20/2008 Contract Award
11/17/2008 HIMSS Virtual Conference
11/13/2008 EM 200 Launch
11/10/2008 P4T and RP4T
10/29/2008 Repurchase Program
10/29/2008 Third Quarter Financial Results
10/16/2008 Technology Partner Program
10/15/2008 ISBT 128
10/08/2008 Managed Healthcare Associates
10/07/2008 3Q Conference Call
09/29/2008 RFID Card Printers
09/22/2008 Enterprise Connector Printing
09/08/2008 Outstanding Support
09/03/2008 Enhances to Program
08/15/2008 Revolving Credit Agreement
07/24/2008 Second Quarter Results
07/16/2008 Dr. Clive Hohberger-Chairman
07/14/2008 G-Series Desktop Thermal Printer
06/24/2008 RW 420 Mobile/Wireless Printers
06/24/2008 RW 420 Route Palette
06/17/2008 Andrew Ludwick-Board of Directors
06/16/2008 G4s Cash Services
06/16/2008 Richard Keyer-Board of Directors
06/10/2008 HC100 Wristbanding
05/12/2008 Cfo Transition
05/12/2008 First Quarter Results
05/06/2008 Wilson Sporting Goods-RFID
04/21/2008 Maher Terminals
04/21/2008 SPARCS
04/16/2008 Multispectral Solutions, Inc.
04/14/2008 Enhances in Z series
04/10/2008 20 Years of Innovation
04/08/2008 California Cartage Goes Live with Navis Yard
04/08/2008 Mark Welles, VP of Sales
04/08/2008 Navil World 2008
04/08/2008 Oregon Department of Transportation
04/08/2008 SPARCS TOS-Vietnam
03/18/2008 Joanne Townsend, Vice President of HR
02/27/2008 Wristbands are MRSA-Resistant
02/25/2008 Fourth Quarter Record-2007
02/07/2008 Global Supply Chain
02/05/2008 Land Rover's Efficiency
02/01/2008 Thermal Printers go to Super Bowl
01/23/2008 Analyst Day
01/14/2008 On-Site Costumer Services
01/10/2008 Fourth Quarter Results
01/08/2008 First UHF RFID Gen 2 Card Printer
12/17/2007 Completed Navis Aquisition
12/10/2007 Wireless Security on Tabletop Printers
11/12/2007 Direct Communications
11/07/2007 WhereNet Adds more Customers
10/22/2007 Third Quarter Financial Results
10/15/2007 Aquire Navis
09/26/2007 Rising Star Award
09/18/2007 RFID for Air Aforce
09/11/2007 Z Series Thermal Printers
09/04/2007 Ander Gustafsson-CEO
08/17/2007 Extended Stock Program
08/08/2007 Expanded Yard Management System
08/08/2007 Second Quarter Financial Awards
07/24/2007 Industry Awards
06/25/2007 HF and UHF RFID
06/19/2007 Battery Refresh Program
06/13/2007 Marine Terminal Solution
06/04/2007 LRS Agreement
05/07/2007 EMEA Program
05/01/2007 Microsoft Biztalk RFID
04/30/2007 Aquisition Complete
04/30/2007 Auto-Star
04/30/2007 Aztec Bar Code
04/30/2007 Excutives Promoted to Program
04/30/2007 First Quarter Financial Results
04/30/2007 Fourth Quarter 2006
04/30/2007 Global RFID Initiative
04/30/2007 Juliann Larimer
04/30/2007 Mobile P.O.S.
04/30/2007 Mobility Services Platform
04/30/2007 New Packing Slip
04/30/2007 Palm-Sized Printer
04/30/2007 R110XI
04/30/2007 RFID4U
04/30/2007 WhereNet Acquisition
04/30/2007 Wireless Connectivity
01/01/2006 2824-z Expansion of Desktop Printers
01/01/2006 5millionth Printer for Patrol Cars-Spain
01/01/2006 8 Top Tips fpr a successful DOD UID
01/01/2006 802.11g WLAN Option
01/01/2006 Amerinet Two Year Agreement
01/01/2006 Cerner
01/01/2006 Cut Cables to their Wireless Solutions with Dual Radios
01/01/2006 Do's and Dont's
01/01/2006 Edward Kaplan Plan to Retire as CEO
01/01/2006 First Quarter Results 2006
01/01/2006 Food Service Industry Cites Gains from Zebra
01/01/2006 Fourth Quarter 2005 Results and Full Year
01/01/2006 Green Zebra Printers to Run Unleaded
01/01/2006 IMB Strenthens Products
01/01/2006 ISV Channel Offering
01/01/2006 I{ Asset Portfolio
01/01/2006 License Agreement with Paxar
01/01/2006 Mobile Printers used by Law Enforcement
01/01/2006 New Agreement with Premire INC
01/01/2006 New RFID License Agreement
01/01/2006 New RW220
01/01/2006 Oracle PartnerNetwork
01/01/2006 PartnerFirst Top Honors Award
01/01/2006 PartnersFirst Channel Program for the Government
01/01/2006 Printer Named Best for Midmarket
01/01/2006 Printing Solution Simplifies Multi-Language Labeling
01/01/2006 Productivity on Wheels
01/01/2006 QL Plus Mobile Printers Keep Data Safe
01/01/2006 RFID Mandated Wal-Mart Suppliers
01/01/2006 RFID Print and Encoding Options Expanded
01/01/2006 RFID Printer Delivers High Frequency Support
01/01/2006 RFID Printers Global Presence
01/01/2006 SAP Netweaver Mobile
01/01/2006 Second Quarter Results
01/01/2006 Smart Media Supplies for Smart Labeling
01/01/2006 Swecoin Acquisition
01/01/2006 Third Quarter Results
01/01/2006 Three Year Contract with Magnet INC
01/01/2006 Tips for Success
01/01/2006 Upgraded ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise
01/01/2006 XML Support for Oracle
01/01/2006 Xml- Enabled Z Series
01/01/2006 Zebra Technologies Introduces Metal Printer with Budget Conscious Affordability
01/01/2005 Fruit Growers in South Africa
01/01/2005 RFID Rapid Start Lisencing Program
01/01/2005 Wristbands Help in Healthcare
01/01/2005 Adding Value to RFID
01/01/2005 Chinese Enterprises Printing
01/01/2005 Consorta Set Contract for Pharmaceutical Bar Code
01/01/2005 Epc Gen 2 RFID Printing
01/01/2005 Expansion of "RFID Ready" Printers
01/01/2005 First EPC Generation 2 Technology in RFID
01/01/2005 First Quarter Financial Results
01/01/2005 Fourth Quarter Financial Results
01/01/2005 Guide to Risk Free RFID
01/01/2005 H 2824-Z Healthcare Starter Kit
01/01/2005 Lockheed Martin Chooses Zebra for RFID
01/01/2005 Maximize Revenue
01/01/2005 MedAssets Announce New 3 year Agreement
01/01/2005 Mobile Printing Solutions
01/01/2005 Mobile Thermal Printers with VPN WPS Security
01/01/2005 Navy Selects Zebra for Products
01/01/2005 Now Shipping 1st High Performance UHF RFID
01/01/2005 Pacific Cycles
01/01/2005 PartnersFirst Earns 5 Star
01/01/2005 R110PAX4 Multi-Protocol Print Engine
01/01/2005 RFID Aligns with Wal-Mart
01/01/2005 RFID Changes Role of Printer
01/01/2005 RFID Smart Label Buisness
01/01/2005 RW420 Changes Rules for Route Accounting and DSD
01/01/2005 Second Quarter Results
01/01/2005 Texas Instrument Generation 2 Technology
01/01/2005 Third Quarter Results
01/01/2005 Top 10 Tips for Optimal RFID
01/01/2005 U.S. Army Includes Zebra Tech Partners in RFID
01/01/2005 UHG RFID Generation 2 at EPCGlobal
01/01/2005 ZebraCare Complete
01/01/2005 ZebraLink Solutions Extends Power