Motorola Solutions Helps InterContinental Shenzhen's Guests Enjoy a Seamless Wi-Fi Experience

This press release was issued by Motorola Solutions Enterprise business prior to its acquisition by Zebra Technologies on Oct. 27, 2014. 

Beijing, November 22, 2012 – Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) announced that it has successfully installed a Wi-Fi solution based on its award winning WiNG5 distributed intelligence technology at the InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen, a top tier luxury hotel in South China. The hotel-wide wireless network is designed to deliver a seamless wireless roaming experience for the hotel guests as well as to meet operational requirements of the hotel staff across restaurants, business center, function rooms, outdoor areas such as swimming pool, salon and bars.

The solution includes wireless switches and access points including the Guinness Record setting AP7131 802.11n access point (AP) and the compact AP6511 WallPlate solution delivering the intelligence of Motorola Solutions’ WiNG5 distributed intelligence network technology.


· The solution includes RFS7000 wireless switches, AP6511 WallPlate access points, AP650 access points, AP6532 access points and the World Record setting AP7131 access point, to achieve seamless and reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the hotel.

· AP6511 802.11n Wall Plate solution allows for an easy “plug and play” deployment within minutes, and high quality Wi-Fi coverage to multiple rooms from one access point. The WallPlate solution delivers the smart features such as self-healing and SmartRF of WiNG5. This ensures superior coverage with no blind spots in the rooms even when the chances of signal attenuation are high due to very high levels of soundproofing of the hotel walls.

· The AP 6511 includes self optimizing intelligent Virtual Controller AP code, so a single AP 6511 can serve as a master for up to 24 dependant AP 6511 access points.

· A total of 636 Units of this WallPlate AP 6511 have been deployed across 549 guest rooms, business centers and private rooms in its restaurants.

· AP6511 WallPlate access point has already gained recognition as the wireless network solution of choice for hotels that follow an uncompromising approach to guest service quality.

· The WiNG5 distributed intelligence architecture which forms the basis of this solution, allows for extremely efficient capacity management, smart load balancing and adaptive mobile coverage to ensure that an AP increases power and broadens coverage when it senses that a mobile device is moving out of its range. It automatically routes a guest to the AP with the greatest available capacity to minimize overloading and optimum connectivity experience.

· The WiNG5’s intelligent features are also supported through AP650 thin 802.11n Access Points. The network includes a total of 83 units of AP650. This access point offers simultaneous WLAN access and sensing enabling remote over-the-air helpdesk support, or Wireless intrusion prevention. The automatic power and channel optimization feature manages problems such as building attenuation and electronic interference, providing high-quality mobile access even in a “W” shaped guest corridor.

· For optimum network coverage in areas such as the 2000 square meter real sand outdoor swimming pool, the solution uses the **Guinness World Record-setting AP7131 802.11n access points with a tri-radio design. With a powerful MESH function, this solution is a cost-effective way to expand the wireless network to areas that Ethernet or fiber optic cannot reach.

· The InterContinental Shenzhen is China’s first Spanish themed luxury hotel and it prides itself for the extremely high service quality standards.


Chen Bin, Employer's Representative and Vice-general Manager, Shenzhen InterContinental Hotel

“Since the very beginning, InterContinental has been the hotel brand of choice for high-end travellers seeking a unique accommodation experience and gold standard service quality. When we planned our Wi-Fi network, we wanted it to complement our service excellence standard and we felt that an excellent connectivity experience for our Guests was a given. After careful review and stringent evaluation, Intercontinental Shenzhen chose Motorola Solutions’ WiNG5 based high-performance wireless network solution, in order to create a seamless and flawless web experience anywhere in the hotel for our every one of our guests, whether they are travelling for business or for pleasure.”

“Motorola Solutions Wi-Fi network has been in operation for several months, and we have not had any complaints about the stability of the wireless signal and the connectivity has been highly praised by both the guests as well as our staff,” Chen Bin added.

James Cai, General Manager, Wireless Networking Solutions, Motorola Solutions China

“With the growing popularity of smart devices, this is a critical time for hotels to upgrade their wireless networks and transform their modes of operation, so as to win customers with unprecedented needs for mobile networking. Motorola Solutions has always been dedicated to the development of intelligence technologies such as WiNG 5 to help its customers prepare for the future and taking advantage of increased network speeds. We thanks InterContinental Group for their trust in us and our solutions, which they have found the best in class and will ultimately help them realize the transformation to more efficient wireless networking.”

**Motorola Solutions Sets a Guinness World Record for the Most Powerful Wireless Access Point

Motorola Solutions established a Guinness World Record for the ‘Most Powerful Wireless Access Point’ as demonstrated by the highest number of 802.11n wireless connections streaming unicast video content to 84 laptop computers from a single Motorola Solutions AP 7131N access point. Motorola Solutions used the AP 7131N access point, RFS 4000 wireless controller running its latest WiNG 5 operating system and firmware, and 84 laptop computers. During the attempt laptops were streaming MPEG 2/4 video over an 802.11n wireless connection to a single AP 7131N access point. The goal of Motorola Solutions’ Guinness World Record is to show the capabilities of modern wireless technology in meeting the mobility needs of today’s society and, more importantly, demonstrate that video and other multimedia content are changing the way students learn, businesses operate and people lead their lives.

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