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Dr. Biswa Sengupta: Technical Fellow and Global Head, Machine Learning | Zebra

Technical Fellow and Global Head, Machine Learning

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Dr. Biswa Sengupta is currently the Technical Fellow and Head of Machine Learning. He is responsible for bleeding-edge algorithms development for computer vision, natural language processing, data analytics and decision making. Dr Sengupta has more than 18 of experience within the financial services, retail, telecommunications, and transportation and logistics industries and has been a two-time recipient of the Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship and Isaac Newton fellowships, amongst many others. 

Previously, he served as AXA’s Senior Director and Head of the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence. Under the CDO/CEO’s purview, he was responsible for AXA XL’s AI strategy and developing AI/ML products for the insurance industry. Before that, he established Huawei’s Noah’s Ark Lab in London, housing 100+ scientists and engineers in computer vision, NLP, graph technologies and reinforcement learning. Biswa obtained his PhD in dynamical systems/optimisation/energy efficiency from the University of Cambridge, attaining further Bayesian statistics and differential geometry training at the University College London. 

Outside the industry, Dr. Sengupta spends a part of his time with colleagues in academia, including PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Dr. Sengupta is a part of the ACM Steering group responsible for promoting dialogue on technology and computing policy issues with the European Commission and other governmental bodies in Europe and the informatics and computing communities.

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