Charles Swope

Charles Swope | Engineering Fellow, Chief Technology Office, Zebra

Engineering Fellow, Chief Technology Office

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Charles Swope is currently an Engineering Fellow for the Chief Technology Office at Zebra Technologies where he is responsible for working on next-generation and futuristic technologies. 

Charles has more than 39 years of experience within the commercial and government research working on advanced missile guidance systems such as the Pershing II missile, and next generation Terminal Fix Systems. He has worked on advanced aircraft systems and simulations for the F15E, SOF AC-130, B2, JAS-39 Euro-fighter, and F22 Raptor and developed strategy and architectures for next-generation 2-way radios for Motorola Solutions.  

He has recently completed the ESA design for the Zebra Technologies ATR7000 RFID reader currently in production, and Up-banding DART NFL antennas.  He has over 60 US and European patents, member of SABA, 6 Sigma Green Belt, IEEE member, and several published documents. 

Previously, he served as a Research Engineer and Manager for Goodyear Aerospace, Loral Defense Systems, and Motorola Solutions.  

Charles holds a BSEE from West Virginia University, MSEE from University of Akron, and advanced studies from Case Western Reserve University (ABD).  


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