Dan Jaquint

dan Jaquint: Director of Operations, Automation Business | Zebra

Director of Operations, Zebra's Automation Business

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Daniel Jaquint is the Director of Operations for Zebra’s Automation business, responsible for coordinating and aligning all business functions and processes in support of growth objectives. He has 25 years of product development experience and has served in a number of positions to include:  Product Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager and Business Unit Chief of Staff.  

Outside of Zebra, Dan completed a 30-year career as an Army Officer and served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He is also a member of Zebra’s Veterans Inclusion Network (VETz).  

Dan holds a Bacholors Degree in Economics, a Master’s of Science in Organizational Development as well as a Master’s of Business Administration.  He is also a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

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