Dan Quagliana

Dan Quagliana: Senior Product Manager, VisibilityIQ, Zebra Technologies

Senior Product Manager, VisibilityIQ 

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Dan Quagliana is the Senior Product Manager for Zebra’s VisibilityIQ solution, highlighting insights on device usage and health optimization. Dan owns the product strategy and feature roadmap for VisibilityIQ, including driving the shift to an API-first operation. 

Previously Dan was responsible for building the Data Services business at Zebra, working across the Zebra portfolio to accelerate customers’ ability to transform edge data and events into actionable insights with easy to consume APIs. He also worked in Corporate Strategy where he guided Zebra’s strategic direction with industry and technology trends, with a focus on software.

Dan successfully launched Zebra’s Developer Relations program, creating a community of over half a million ISV Partners and Developers to build awareness and educate them on Zebra’s portfolio and tools to enable the creation of innovative Enterprise Visibility Solutions. Dan has over 20 years of experience in the software field, with the last 14 at Zebra. 

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