Nicholas Heenan

Nicholas Heenan, Senior Quality Assurance Assistant | Zebra

Senior Quality Assurance Assistant

Nicholas (Nick) Heenan is currently the Senior Quality Assurance Assistant at Zebra-Greenville, where he is responsible for documentation control and compliance.

Nick has more than five years of experience in the industry and has contributed nearly a dozen works of all media to Zebra's internal reporting network, zConnect, as well as the Your Edge blog. 

Previously, he has served as a Quality Technician and Prepress Operator at Zebra, a Journeyman Meat Cutter for Kroger grocery stores, a shoe salesman, a customer service representative for a local cable company, a highway construction worker, a movie theater manager, and a high school hockey referee. (He’s still trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.) 

An enthusiastic contributor to the ZoAA Inclusion and Diversity group, Nick also serves on the Board of Directors for the Fox Valley Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, where he uses his talents for writing and speaking to eliminate the stigma of mental health struggles.  

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