Shelley Eades

Shelley Eades, Senior Director, Human Resources, EMEA | Zebra

Senior Director, Human Resources, EMEA

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Shelley Eades is responsible for Human Resources across EMEA and has worked for Zebra for a collective period of 13 years. During her tenure, Shelley has completed a Masters Degree in Organisational Development and held a post managing Organisational & People Development in the EMEA region.  Recently, Shelley was HR Director at a UK start-up, WaveOptics, and was the first in this position to develop their longer-term people strategy.  

Most of Shelley’s Human Resources, Organisational & People Development career has been in the technology industry, with roles earlier in her career at Tektronix and Xerox. Shelley’s experience of organisations has involved many mergers & acquisitions, which has inspired her focus on culture as an enabler for organisational success.

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