Tamiko Nelson

Tamiko Nelson: Senior Manager, Global Repair Project Management | Zebra

Senior Manager, Global Repair Project Management

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Tamiko Nelson is currently the Senior Manager of Zebra's Global Repair Project Management team and serves as the global co-lead for Zebras of African Descent (ZAD), a Zebra inclusion network. 

She has been with Zebra for 15 years and began her career with Zebra at the wireless help desk, troubleshooting Layer 2 and Layer 3 switches. She holds a degree in computer information systems and technology. 

Tamiko is the second generation born in the United States. She is proud of her heritage. Her maternal great grandparents came to America from Barbados in the early 1900’s. Education and tradition are key family values. The stories of the fortitude of her grandparents and parents have taught her if you don’t have a path to success, you can create your own. 

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