Tim Kane

Tim Kane: Retail Solutions Industry Consultant, North America Retail, Zebra

Retail Solutions Industry Consultant, North America Retail, Zebra Technologies

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Tim Kane is a retail solutions industry consultant for Zebra Technologies. In this role, he identifies industry trends that may impact Zebra’s retail and hospitality customers. He and his colleagues then develop strategies that embrace and leverage change and empower customers to creatively utilize leading edge technology and service solutions to enhance business critical systems, leading to distinct competitive advantages.

Mr. Kane’s vision and experience help retailers address issues ranging from inventory visibility and accuracy to migration to the latest technologies and omnichannel delivery models. He identifies emerging trends like IoT and analytics to assure both Zebra and its customers are prepared to take advantage of solutions that utilize these technologies.

Mr. Kane started his expansive career at IBM where he worked with some of the largest retailers across North America. He has held sales professional and sales management positions with several of the world’s leading technology companies including Fujitsu, Ingenico, Symbol and Toshiba.

He earned a BA in English from Bridgewater State College.

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