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To perform at your best, your business demands more. Zebra builds technologies that empower businesses and ensures the next move is the best move. Our solutions solve complex problems by connecting assets, data, and people. Through data and analytics, we enable those on the front line of business to make informed decisions, impacting overall success.

As a leader at the edge of the enterprise, we equip front line users with the tools to be more effective, efficient and reliable. You likely see our devices every day; our scanners at the store checkout, our mobile computers confirming a package delivery or printing a patient wristband at a hospital.

From rugged, easy-to-use devices to software, supplies and services, Zebra’s solutions give those on the front line of business the confidence to go head to head with competition, face to face with customers and heart to heart with patients.

Tom Bianculli talking about the Fourth Industrial Revolution at Zebra`s TED Salon

Zebra Technologies’ Workshop Hosted at the TED World Theater

Today, enterprises are focused on intelligently connecting their assets, data and people in collaborative mobile workflows. Innovation is exploding at the “edge” where employees make real-time decisions and interact directly with the people they serve. With growing customer expectations fueling an on-demand economy, how can companies digitize their operations and improve their performance to stay relevant and compete in today’s marketplace? On Nov. 1, 2018, in partnership with TED, Zebra hosted about 50 business executives and technology leaders to learn, discuss and share best practices on how intelligence at the edge can improve front-line performance.

Vision Studies

As a thought leader with decades of industry experience in retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, Zebra provides value through researched content — offering insights into current trends, new innovations, customer behaviors and more. Our vision studies help guide you to ensure your next move is the best move because we understand that success requires more than just data and desire. We aim to empower you with the knowledge and know-how that gives you an edge.

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The Shoppers Perspective: Consumers expect digital experiences online and in store

The Retail Perspective: Bridging online and in-store experiences with technology

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Discover how the role of mobile technology is transforming acute care in hospitals.

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Transportation and Logistics

Warehousing leaders are turning to technology to address critical challenges and prepare for the rapidly expanding on-demand marketplace. Find out the insights of 1400 global IT and operational decision makers from manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, and wholesale distribution industries about their modernization plans for 2019-2024.

Discover how manufacturers, retailers and logistics firms are confronting the growing needs of the on-demand economy.

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Read how to build a smarter plant floor by connecting operations to gain greater visibility and improve quality assurance.

Zebra commissioned a global survey to see what forward-thinking organizations are planning for their field operations. Read our new report to discover how adopting a mobile first mindset creates an advantage for their field operations—with plans to invest in and integrate enterprise mobile technology.

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