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The Next Wave


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is bringing on a tsunami of change that will dramatically affect the ways that we interact with and adapt to technology. How we choose to ride this wave will determine the shape of our future. How can front-line workers – from retail to healthcare – deliver better performance at the edge of business operations? The aftermath of “The Next Wave” depends on us: the tools we utilize, the expertise we tap into, and the heart we bring to the future we build. Watch industry leaders share their thoughts about how data is redistributing power at the edge of the enterprise.

The content below includes talks from the TED Salon and highlights from the Zebra workshop hosted at the TED World Theater in Nov. 2018.

EMA 50 computer visionary inventory control

See the Highlights From Our Workshop


Keynote: The On-demand Economy by Tom Bianculli of Zebra Technologies


Keynote: Patient-Centered Innovation by Dr. Peter Fleischut of New York Presbyterian


Keynote: 5G is Coming — What Will be Its Impact? by Jeff Lorbeck of Qualcomm Technologies


Panel Discussion: The Industry 4.0 Continuum


Panel Discussion: Technology and the "Now" Economy — What's Next?

See the TED Talks From Our Salon

Nita Farahany video screenshot from TED Salon: Zebra Technologies

When technology can read minds, how will we protect our privacy?

James Morley-Smith video screenshot from TED Salon: Zebra Technologies

How your impairments can be an advantage

Tiana Epps-Johnson video screenshot from TED Salon: Zebra Technologies

What's needed to bring the US voting system into the 21st century

Road to TED


Watch Zebra’s James Morley-Smith describe his "Road to TED."

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Matt Beane video screenshot from TED Salon: Zebra Technologies

How do we learn to work with intelligent machines?

Naia Izumi video screenshot from TED Salon: Zebra Technologies

"Soft Spoken"

Enlightening Your Edge

Zebra Technologies TED talks fact sheet preview image

Fast Facts From Zebra Technologies' Workshop, Hosted at TED

Don't have time to watch the videos? Get a quick overview of key points from each of our hosted workshops and panel discussions.

Zebra Technologies 2019 TED talks infographic preview image

The Fourth Industrial Revolution at a Glance

See a snapshot of how the 4th Industrial Revolution has the ability to alter everyday life by connecting everything and everyone.

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