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Improving Patient Safety and Clinical Workflows
It's All in a Day's Work

With smaller facilities, fewer staffs and 24-hour turnarounds, ambulatory surgery centers need to do more with less. Providing superior care is a challenge that demands high-quality solutions that streamline clinical workflows and keep patients safe. Zebra solutions are purpose-built to stand up to the rigors of busy healthcare environments and help clinicians keep operations running smoothly.

Hospital employee scanning a patient`s wristband using a Zebra barcode scanner.

Improving Care with Positive Patient Identification

From admission to discharge, Zebra's patient identification solutions allow you to access and confirm essential patient information throughout the entire care journey. Zebra can help you minimize errors and protect patient rights with solutions that integrate wristband printers, label printers, mobile computers and barcode scanners designed specifically for ambulatory surgery centers.

Ensure Patient Safety

Enable surgery staff to print wristbands at admission and ensure positive patient identification for every interaction.

Save Lives and Reduce Costs

Enhance patient safety, improve clinical work flows and reduce overall costs with the right PPID tools.

Streamline with Scanners

Automate data capture and improve data accuracy, helping to prevent medical errors and improve patient safety.

Doctor shakes hand with patient and their family in the hospital lobby.

Keep Workflows Moving and Patients Safe

Learn more about Zebra's Positive Patient Identification Solutions for Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Wristband printer printing label in a healthcare setting.

Satisfy Your PPID Needs from Admission to Discharge

With the variety of touchpoints at ASCs, it’s vital to understand the value of a fully integrated patient identification solution.

Nurse putting on a wristband on a patient`s wrist.

Streamline with Scanners

Learn how Zebra scanners enable ASCs to automate data capture, helping to prevent medical errors and improve patient safety.

Healthcare provider doing a blood draw at a patient`s bedside.

Achieve Flawless Specimen Collection and Management

Misidentified specimens create a serious risk to patient safety and can result in misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment. With Zebra's mobile devices and printers, healthcare workers can print labels at the point of care and perform a three-point check that confirms the links between specimen collection order, the patient wristband and the labeled container.

Identify, Track and Manage

Enable providers to improve outcomes by printing, scanning and tracking at the point of care.

Improve Patient Safety

Allow staff to positively identify patients and ensure specimens and results are accurately labeled and recorded.

Reduce Errors

Boost specimen identification efficiency by auto-mating data entry with proven barcode technology.

Woman in a hospital bed having blood drawn by a male nurse.

Effective Specimen Management Begins with Bedside Technology

Help ensure patient matching with bedside labeling.

Healthcare provider using a barcode scanner to scan a specimen.

Why Label at the Point of Care?

The more time and distance between labels being produced and applied, the greater the chances they will be put on the wrong sample. Learn how point of care labeling can help reduce errors.

Healthcare lab employee scanning a specimen hands-free.

Reduce Identification and Tracking Errors

Specimen identification errors can have detrimental impacts on patient health. Learn how barcode technology can help.

Lab worker scanning a blood specimen using a Zebra mobile device.

Safeguard Patients with Accurate Medication Administration

The ability to scan barcodes on the patient wristband and medication provides split-second verification that the right patient is receiving the right medication, via the right route, at the right time. No extra paperwork is required, and medication errors can be spotted before medication is administered. Caregivers can also scan the barcode on their identity badges for an automatic audit trail.

Reduce Errors

Lessen the possibility of human error by making sure staff can access the most current data about patients and their medications.

Increase Pharmacy Efficiency

Elevate patient care by moving from manual processes to barcode medication administration, save time and money and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

Elevate Care

Ensure the Five Patient Rights with a scanner that captures both 1D and 2D barcodes.

Doctor and nurse talking to a patient bedside.

Barcode Medication Administration Best Practices

Implementing an effective barcode medication administration program can help reduce medication errors by up to 80%. Discover what best practices help make barcode medication administration a success.

Hospital employee scanning a barcode.

Medication Barcoding May Reduce Errors by Itself

Learn how implementing barcode labeling and scanning technology can give pharmacists better data-powered decision-making that can significantly reduce medication errors.

Hospital employee applying a wristband

Achieve Joint Commission Accreditation

Learn how Zebra’s patient identification systems can help your ASC comply with The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals.

Healthcare provider using a healthcare scanner to scan a box.

Gain Visibility and Vital Insights for Smart Asset Management

With tight margins and short turnarounds, ambulatory surgery centers need to carefully monitor the location, status and utilization of assets. Zebra’s asset management solutions deliver real-time visibility throughout the facility—from the pre-op and post-op rooms to the operating and procedure rooms and even the laboratory and pharmacy—to get the right equipment and supplies to the right caregiver at the right time, improve productivity and accuracy and cut inventory expenses.

UDI Readiness

Improve patient safety and ASC workflows with Unique Device Identification (UDI).

Scanners Built for Healthcare

Zebra's portfolio of advanced 2D Imagers are purpose built to meet clinical requirements.

Ensure Scanner Reliability

Empower your IT and support staff to tend to more vital tasks than preventable and manageable scanner issues.

Hospital employee scanning a barcode.

UDI is Here – Are You Ready?

Learn how to improve patient safety and business processes with Unique Device Identifiers (UDIs).

Healthcare provider scanning a patient wristband in a hospital setting.

Streamline with Scanners

Learn how Zebra's advanced 2D imagers help redefine healthcare visibility.

Hospital employee using a barcode scanner to scan a medical bag

Transforming Inventory Management at ASCs

Learn how Zebra solutions let you manage your supplies so you can cut costs, improve productivity and boost revenue.

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