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At Reddwerks, we view distribution as a single, interconnected system. Our Warehouse Execution Software, powered by Distribution Science®, combines execution with analysis. We synchronize the discrete processes inside the four walls of a warehouse to create real-time decision engines, automating labor and work. Our software provides customers the operational agility they need to handle the demands of an omni-channel environment.

Our Warehouse Execution Software is a 100% organically-grown, zero-royalty, Java-based platform proven to scale. We leverage a custom methodology we call Distribution Science® to systematically analyze your current or proposed warehouse, and then implement our software to align the diverse systems operating inside the four walls of your warehouse. Our software uses advanced decision-engines to optimize order fulfillment in real-time, creating flexibility, transparency, and operation agility that turns your warehouse into a single, interconnected system.

Contact Reddwerks

Phone: 1-512-622-3787

Email: Reddwerks

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State-of-the-Art Warehouse Execution Software

  • Reddwerks offers a tested software package for controlling all aspects of warehouse operations
  • Deployed with calibrated, state-of-the-art decision engines for each facility

Complete Pick-to-Light Solutions

  • Picking, putting, and packout options support any workflow
  • Order clustering allows for higher pick density
  • System-directed, assignment-based approach improves utilization and increases efficiency
  • Shorts handling is integrated into stocking assignments, supervisor actions, or replenishments

Advanced Planning and Execution Capabilities

  • System directed labor runs thousands of calculations to ensure labor is being tasked correctly
  • Frameworks that move conveyer modeling and execution layer into a 100 percent cross-platform environment

Voice Pick

  • Voice can be used for full-case pick, item pick, or item put
  • Voice workflows can support screened devices
  • Freezer and cooler environments fully supported

Voice Guidance

Keyed Response

Scan Response

Screen Reinforcement

Voice Response


Handheld/Holstered Mobile Computer