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The cornerstone of SyVox solutions is the SyVox Client: a standard application software, which uses multiple modalities. They include natural speech, barcode scanning, and keyboard entry to exchange information between the enterprise’s data management system and mobile workers.

The SyVox Client software connects to an enterprise data management system via open, standards based technology— SyVox Voice XML.

Whether the application calls for 1 terminal or 100, the SyVox client can deliver the solution. The SyVox client does not have a minimum purchase quantity or require server software or network infrastructure. It can operate as a stand-alone solution on a portable computer as easily as it can operate as part of a larger on-line system such as a Warehouse Management System.

Contact SyVox by Genesta

Phone: 1-866-436-3782

Email: SyVox by Genesta

SyVox by Genesta Website

Lower Cost of Implementation for Faster ROI

  • Integrates directly into current system with VXML and HTTP
  • Create your own rules, not those of the voice vendor
  • Integrate into your current WMS or use the SyVox Emulator for TE applications

Excellent Speech Recognition

  • Move seamlessly between quiet and noisy areas
  • Speaker Independent means no template training
  • No templates makes training new and temporary employees quick and easy

Cloud Ready Speech Solution

  • SyVox runs on centralized or cloud-based servers
  • SyVox runs across the enterprise with minimal bandwidth requirements

Voice Guidance

Keyed Response

Scan Response

Voice-only Wearable

Vehicle Mounted

Screen Reinforcement

Voice Response


Handheld/Holstered Mobile Computer

Industrial Wireless