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TekSpeech Pro

Bringing You the Freedom of Choice

TekSpeech® Pro takes performance and flexibility to the next level for voice-directed warehouse applications with world-class speaker independent voice recognition, unsurpassed voice quality and the freedom of choice – your choice of multi-modal mobile computer, accessories, application functions and backend business systems. And TekSpeech Pro provides the tools you need to make every step in the development of voice-directed applications easy – from dialogue scripting to host integration, deployment and solution management. Learn more at TekSpeech Pro.

Multi-modal enterprise applications made easy
Comprehensive best-in-class application development tools provide everything you need to create rich voice-enabled applications, the way you want.

Support for any backend business system
TekSpeech Pro gives you the freedom of choice – you can choose to use the business logic in any of your business systems.

Choose the right mobile computer for every task
Select the form factor and feature set you need to maximize the productivity and accuracy for any warehouse management task. Support for multiple applications delivers a superior return on investment.

Best-in-class speaker independent voice recognition
Our industry-leading speaker independent voice recognition requires no speaker training for easy and fast deployment.

Voice Guidance

Keyed Response

Scan Response

Voice-only Wearable

Screen Reinforcement

Voice Response


Handheld/Holstered Mobile Computer

Downloadable Specifications Sheet

TekSpeech Pro Specifications Sheet