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Ivanti Speakeasy (Powered by Wavelink)

Year after year, businesses are challenged to find ways to boost worker productivity by five percent or more. They may have considered voice in the past, but there is great news: voice has evolved.

With Speakeasy, companies around the globe are realizing the benefits of full-featured voice enablement that can be deployed in just a few weeks, at a fraction of the cost of traditional voice applications. Best of all, you can get started using your systems and mobility solutions already in place, or add voice as you refresh your mobile devices—including those running the Android operating system.

Zebra customers have realized HUGE value when adding Speakeasy – from more than $500,000 in annual savings on process improvements, to implementation ROI in under three months, to efficiency gains of 50% and more! They have implemented in under a month - some in as little as a week. And, they have been able to add voice without having to make changes to their host systems (WMS, ERP, etc.).

Ivanti Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, can be purchased from Zebra and its qualified reselling channel partners.

Add Voice in 30 Days or Less

  • Deploy far more quickly than legacy voice systems
  • Conforms to existing process workflows
  • No system training – workers pick any enabled device and get to work
  • Fastest, most cost effective voice enablement solution

Voice Enable Your Existing Systems

  • Voice enable telnet and browser apps you already have
  • No changes to your enterprise host systems
  • Add voice alongside barcode scanning for a multi-modal data capture solution

No proprietary voice hardware or software

  • No middleware or system interface software to buy
  • No voice-specific hardware requirements
  • Deploy right on existing or new Zebra mobile computers

Windows CE/Mobile and Android

Terminal Emulation and All-Touch TE support

Web App Support

Voice Guidance

Keyed Response

Scan Response

Voice-only Wearable

Vehicle Mounted

Screen Reinforcement

Voice Response


Handheld/Holstered Mobile Computer