Woman scanning bloodbags with Zebra DS9908HD scanner

You may have noticed we're missing some letters in our logo. We're joining forces with the American Red Cross and its partners this month and removing As, Bs and Os to draw attention to the blood types in low supply during the summer. When A, B and O go missing, hospital shelves may be empty when a critical patient arrives. You can help fill the #MissingTypes patients need.

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Blood draw for a patient

Zebra Participates in American Red Cross #MissingTypes Campaign

The campaign seeks to encourage 325,000 people to make blood donation appointments this June.

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Filling the #MissingTypes One Letter at a Time

5-year-old Collin Pruitt needed blood. Enough for nearly 200 transfusions. We’re participating in the American Red Cross #MissingTypes campaign to ensure everyone who needs blood can receive it.

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