Temperature Monitoring and Sensing

Box with vials for vaccinations with a yellow cap.

Temperature Monitoring Technologies to Improve Outcomes

In an ongoing effort to expand its Enterprise Asset Intelligence vision, Zebra has acquired Temptime, a world leader in development and manufacture of time-temperature indicators to the healthcare industry. This technology visually alerts users if medical and biological products and shipments have experienced a temperature deviation. The world’s largest health organizations and life science manufacturers use Temptime’s products to ensure that potentially damaging temperature events to their medical products and supplies can be identified.

Other vertical markets including retail, transportation and logistics, public safety, and manufacturing, could equally benefit from the unique asset monitoring and quality alert capabilities of temperature-sensing technologies to identify the potential for degradation in temperature-sensitive products throughout the supply chain.

See Temperature Monitoring Technology in Action

Watch this case study video to see how one of our customers, Preveon, uses Zebra's Temperature Monitoring and Sensing solutions to ensure the medications and biologics they provide have not been exposed to potentially damaging heat.

Temperature Monitoring and Sensing Solutions

Hand holding 2 medical vials.

Monitor heat exposure of temperature-sensitive products with an irreversible visual indicator.

Freeze indicator card

Monitor exposure of temperature-sensitive products to freeze events with an irreversible visual indictor.

Electronic sensors

Wireless, Bluetooth®-enabled portable temperature sensors for use in production, storage and shipments that monitor the environment of temperature-sensitive products.

Hand holding a blood temperature indicator.

Monitors blood and blood product temperature to ensure compliance with FDA regulations and AABB guidelines.

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