Mobility Development (EMDT) & Configuration Tools (EMCT)

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Zebra's Mobility Development and Configuration Tools provide our customers and partners the ability to rapidly develop applications that leverage the sophisticated functionality of Zebra enterprise mobility devices. A common platform enables the development of a single application that can be deployed on all Zebra enterprise mobility devices. Each kit includes an extensive set of technology-specific examples for enterprise mobility applications, including full source code and build files for sample applications, enabling the easy integration of barcode scanning, RFID, image capture, magnetic stripe reading, mobile printing, wireless LAN/WAN and Bluetooth® wireless. 

  • PocketBrowser

    Supports Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer Mobile, providing easy access to enterprise mobility features through META tags and ActiveX controls. Full screen display provides the room for a richer, more effective user interface. Thin client deployment of applications enables instant updating of devices, ensuring version consistency.

  • DataWedge

    Enables transmission of barcode, RFID tag, MSR and serial data to applications as keystrokes. Supports Advanced Data Formatting (ADF) for enhanced data manipulation. Supports configuration profiles, allowing use with multiple applications. Completely configurable from a PC and directly on the device.

  • AppLauncher

    Allows you to create a customized menuing system with multiple levels of submenus without writing any code. Saves time and simplifies end-user experience by presenting a menu of commonly used applications, eliminating the need to hunt through folders to launch programs.

Develop applications for all Zebra enterprise mobility devices

  • Handheld Mobile Computers

  • Printer Software

    Create customized print solutions or connect your printers to the cloud with Zebra printer software solutions.

    Printer Software

  • Mobile Computing Software