Department store aisle

Solutions and Services

Grocer and shopper looking at produce

Help your associates engage with customers and offer better service with these customer-facing solutions.

Customer scanning a produce bag with a Zebra PS20

Give customers the information they need to make a buying decision with solutions that they can use on their own in your store.

Customer handing an in-store banker a debit card

Offer coupons and vouchers to create happy, loyal customers using desktop printers at checkout registers or self-service kiosk printers.

Delivery person looking at a Zebra mobile computer

Positioning technicians where they’re needed most and equipping them with the intelligence they need reduces costs, enhances service and helps build loyalty.

Construction worker looking at a Zebra mobile computer

Enable field workers to perform pre-sales, sales and route accounting activities, and interact more effectively with customers.

Florist on the phone and looking at a computer

Ensure that retail staff and managers are always connected with solutions that give real-time insight into store operations.

Woman reaching for a product in a grocery store

Ensure the products that shoppers want are on the shelf when they want them with this end-to-end solution.

Man standing next to a woman handing a person a credit card

Keep shoppers happy and increase sales by making the checkout experience faster and more efficient.

Man in warehouse using a Zebra scanner to scan products on a shelf

Get accurate visibility and control over the inventory within your warehouses and distribution centers.

Row of trucks

Count on efficient fleet management solutions to meet the demands of rising fuel costs, compliance mandates and increased customer service expectations.

Bar graph showing five to ten dollar growth

Includes predictive analytics to help retailers more efficiently implement price changes and increase in-store productivity and profitability.

Person touching a screen with graphics

Action Manager gives retailers visibility into their operations data, analyzing it with Profitect’s powerful software that delivers only the most important insights.

Zebra ST5500 Transition Reader

The inventory visibility you need to eliminate out-of-stocks and overstocks, prevent lost sales, quickly fulfill online orders for in-store pickup, spot and stop potential theft before items leave the store and much more.

Device invisibility is the hidden enemy of any organization. Gain device insight with Zebra’s Managed and Visibility Services to increase productivity, efficiency and ROI.

Service technician

Enable technicians to better monitor, diagnose and resolve asset and equipment issues with preventive, predictive and condition-based strategies.

Man with glasses looking at a computer

Zebra OneCare coverage plans go above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to cover it all, including normal wear and tear and accidental damage.

Zebra Designs Custom Solutions to Meet Your Unique Needs