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BarTender serves up Windows printing simplicity and Enterprise printing power.

Seagull Scientific is the developer of BarTender ® -- award-winning software for designing and printing labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags. Four editions address a wide range of requirements, including card printing and support for the most advanced label standards. BarTender runs stand-alone or integrated with major ERP applications from Oracle, SAP, IBM and others.

Printer support is provided using Seagull's true Windows printer drivers. The drivers can be used with BarTender, as part of Seagull's full label design solution, or used with any other Windows program to print barcodes and encode RFID data on Zebra label and card printers anywhere on your network.

BarTender and "Drivers by Seagull" are translated into over 20 languages to support worldwide customers. Visit Seagull's website to download a free, full-working 30-day Trial Edition.

Visit www.seagullscientific.com and see how you can benefit from the Zebra and BarTender partnership.