Three great options for barcode, RFID, and wireless label printing.

From beginners to advanced users, TEKLYNX label design software packages offer powerful, easy-to-use labeling solutions that can be used with Zebra printersfor enterprise-wide or stand-alone applications.

  • CODESOFT software supports multiple database and enterprise system inputs that users need for barcode and RFID label output. CODESOFT offers Unicode support for international character printing and extensive support for Zebra barcode label printers including high performance, industrial/commercial, mobile and RFID smart label models
  • LABELVIEW software offers an easy-to-use design interface while also providing powerful automation tools and advanced integration features for tying into existing business systems. Its connectivity features make it easy to import from a database or print labels using data from a serial device such as a scale or scanner. LABELVIEW provides comprehensive printer support for Zebra printersand offers advanced features for RFID label printing.
  • LABEL MATRIX software provides a user-friendly design environment and helpful label design wizards for Zebra printersmaking it easy to learn and use – even for beginners. It is certified by the Uniform Code Council, Inc. as UCC-compliant for EAN.UCC System users, and supports all major linear, 2D and composite barcodes, allowing you to meet compliance label standards and labeling requirements in a variety of industries.

TEKLYNX software supports Zebra smart label printer/encodersand offers free driver service packs to provide support for additional tag types and printer/encoders as they become available. In addition, TEKLYNX' Pocket PC-based software packages — Pocket LABELVIEW and Pocket LABEL MATRIX — provide powerful and easy-to-use solutions for wireless label printingusing mobile devices.

Visit www.teklynx.comand see how you can benefit from the Zebra and Teklynx partnership.