IBM AND Zebra: Working Together to Make Businesses Smarter and Better Connected

Video Case Study

Synergy At Work: Mobilizing the Warehouse at the IBM Burlington, Vermont Facility


The strategic partnership between IBM and Zebra has been pushing productivity, performance and communications intelligence for businesses like yours for more than 20 years. Together, we offer you powerful products, services, solutions and industry experience that can transform your enterprise — domestically or globally.

The forward-thinking solutions IBM and Zebra develop and implement have supported customers across multiple industries. Our understanding, strategic mindsets and skills connecting physical assets to the digital world are unrivaled. For you, that translates to a wealth of knowledge and options already proven to increase workflow, profitability and competitive value — for organizations all over the world.

This strategic alliance exists to give your business the opportunity to put two worldwide leaders in technology to work for you. Our focus is to evolve enterprise intelligence, increase critical communications, improve decision-making and help you realize quantifiable ROI.

There are many ways that IBM and Zebra can help you capture, connect, communicate and control information. That often begins with extending coverage into areas you feel are beyond your reach. The result triggers decision-making closest to the point of business impact via:

  • Mobile computing
  • Barcode printing
  • RFID
  • Real-time location sensor services
  • Data collection technologies
  • Rugged tablets

Your business will get off to a 'Fast Start' with services from IBM's robust portfolio, which are designed to quickly realize the financial benefits of your enterprise asset intelligence through:

IBM Presence Insights

IBM MobileFirst Platform Presence Insights is 100% configurable for Zebra’s MPact beacon-sensing technology. MPact Beacons are a low-cost piece of hardware available from Zebra Technologies. They are small enough to attach to a wall or countertop, and use battery-friendly, low-energy Bluetooth connections to transmit messages or prompts directly to a smartphone or tablet. They broadcast low-energy Bluetooth signals that mobile devices can receive and interpret, unlocking micro-location and contextual awareness for associated apps to interpret.

IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo Work Manager allows companies to extend their inventory management system into the field thereby increasing the lifespan of assets while reducing downtime. Integrated with Zebra mobile computers, Maximo makes access to parts and equipment "always available", enabling timely and efficient maintenance of field assets. With Maximo Work Manager mobile app, precise tracking and paperless management of inventory helps you increase productivity, lower costs, optimize your supply chain, and improve customer service.


Client Care Services – Service desks are ready to serve you in over 50 languages and run analytics that reduce and resolve incidents efficiently.

Device Procurement and Deployment Services – Better manage regional costs and complexities with lifecycle planning, imaging, deployment and management of your devices globally.

Managed Mobility Services – Reduce the risk and complexity of managing your corporate owned mobile devices with flexible delivery models.

Infrastructure Consulting Services – Implement a strategy to accelerate your mobile-ready infrastructure for clients or customers in your industry: Retail, Transportation, Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telco and more.

Maintenance and Technical Support Services – Relax knowing that IBM reliability is behind the management of your multi-vendor technical support efforts.

Financing Solutions – Flexible financing is available for your convenience and immediate needs, such as software infrastructure, mobile devices and transformational services.



Zebra’s Suite of Solutions come complete with hardware, software and supplies. You can also take advantage of:

  • Professional Services – Deploy solutions based upon your objectives, including assessments of services and equipment, problem-solving technologies for specific needs and training personnel.
  • Integration of Solutions – We ensure our solutions are scalable, compatible and sustainable — from project management to the installation of technology and everything in between.
  • Managed Solutions – Whether it’s an infrastructure or technology implemented by Zebra, experts who make sure your specific business goals are met manage our solutions.
  • Support – Zebra provides you with on-site support, repairs and preventative maintenance to ensure everything points towards optimal performance.

For more information on Zebra/SAP solutions or to learn more about how the IBM/Zebra Alliance can help make your business smarter and better connected, contact us.